This is
brand building

These are the sort of results we’ve helped CALA reach with our campaigns over the years.
We’ve made sure the brand position has stayed aspirational and quality-led, whilst tactical activity has truly moved people at a local level.

Increase in web traffic
Increase in conversions
Increase in phone calls
Increase in unique visits

As their brand guardians, we ensure that all of their communications have the same care and attention to detail as CALA put into their homes.

We’ve been a constant partner for CALA, whether it be a TV ad to bring the beauty of the product and the emotional journey of the buyer to life or planning the touchpoints at development level and delivering them.

Along the way, we’ve tapped into the key desires and motivations of house buyers and built a brand story with more feeling. From there the brand has flourished and we never stop thinking of ways to help them be a leader in their field.

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Brand audit

CALA Homes asked Clear to review and renew its entire branding in 2007. The brand audit included assessment of the key building blocks: insight, standout, execution, content and consistency. Our findings were that the CALA brand was ‘undertold and undersold’ so we set about helping them to put that right.

Brand strategy

As brand guardians, we wanted to communicate with the same care and attention-to-detail that’s visible in the homes CALA builds. Our strategy involved developing a stronger, more consistent brand that communicated CALA’s core values with greater clarity.

Marketing communications and delivery including
  • Digital / online display
  • Portal ads
  • Social media ads
  • Press
  • Brochures
  • Signage and hoarding
  • Direct mail and print
  • TV and radio
  • Sales office material
  • Estate agent collateral
  • Award entries
  • Land and planning collateral
  • Internal communications
  • Report and accounts
  • Consortium site collateral